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What is the procedure to register a Vehicle in Bangalore ?




  1. After purchasing the vehicle from a dealer, the applicant must produce the following documents before theregistering Authority.
    • Application form CMV20 (in duplicate if the vehicle is covered with HPA or Lease or Hire purchase) (signature of the financier is required in case of HPA/Hypothecation/Lease).
    • Sale Certificate in form CMV21.
    • Valid Insurance certificate.
    • Proof of Address (Ration Card, Passport, LIC Policy, Electricity or Telephone bill, Pay slip issued by any office of the Central Government or a State, Government or a Local body, House tax receipt)
    • Temporary Registration issued by the Registering Authority or Trade Certificate issued by the Dealer.
    • Road-worthiness Certificate in form CMV22.
    • Form CMV22A in case of Body built vehicle (EX. Goods vehicle, bus etc.).
    • Prescribed fee amount to be paid at R.T.O Counter/Treasury.
    • Tax payable after assessment (depending upon the category of the vehicle).
    • Registration Fee, Fitness Certificate, issue and permit fee in case of transport vehicle, hypothecation entry fee to be paid after assessment.
    • Income Tax PAN Number (PAN Card Xerox copy) or Form 60 or Form no. 61 (in case of Agriculturists).
    • Bonafide agriculture certificate issued by the Tahsildar in case of registration of Tractor-Trailer unit used for agriculture. In case of new trailer, design approval proceedings issued by the Commissioner of Transport to be produced.
    • Permit proceedings, if any, in case of transport vehicles.
    • Advance Registration allotment letter, if any, to be enclosed with fees-paid proof.
  2. All the related applications must be filed before the Registering Authority and the vehicle must be produced for inspection in the premises of the R.T.O.
  3. After inspection of the new vehicle, the application, along with documents, must be submitted in the new registration branch for allotment of a new registration mark.



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