What is difference between Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) and Passport Office (PO) ?

Pooja Pooja
Answered on March 03,2018

Passport Seva Kendras are extended arms of Passport Offices and render front-end services related to passport issuance. These Kendras cover functionalities from token issuance to granting of application for passport issue/re-issue and other services.

Passport Offices (PO) are vested with the authority to issue passports, besides revocation and impounding and exercise control over the PSK(s) under them. They handle all back-end functions required for processing all passport applications. The POs are responsible for (i) printing (ii) lamination (iii) dispatch of Passports,(iv) liaison with MEA Hqs, state /UT admn and police, (v) PVR review, (vi) besides attending to (i) establishment matters, (ii) legal cases, (iii) RTI cases and (iv) financial matters.

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