My bike Registration is from Tamil Nadu. Now I am shifted to Bangalore. How can I have safe bike ride in Bangalore? Tell about Road Tax and Cost or Name Transfer ?

Dinu Dinu
Answered on August 06,2019

In order to have safe bike ride in Bangalore, you need to take care of the following.

If you are staying in Bangalore for a longer period (more than 11 months), you need to get your vehicle re-registered and pay road tax in Karnataka. Vehicle re-registration process involves the below steps.

  1. Get NOC for your Vehicle from RTO in Tamil Nadu

  2. Pay Life Time Tax (Road Tax) in Bangalore

  3. Get Registration Certificate of your Vehicle and New Vehicle Number from RTO in Bangalore

Details about Vehicle Re-registration is provided here.

Road Tax Procedure

Step by step instruction to apply for road tax is provided below.

  • Find the nearest RTO as per your residential zone. Bangalore is divided into multiple zones and every zone has dedicated RTO. 

  • Calculate the tax amount:  Road Tax or Life Time Tax (LTT) is calculated based on the price of the vehicle,age of vehicle and its cubic capacity. Life time of vehicle is assumed to be 15 years, so older your vehicle, lesser LTT you need to pay. 

Check this link to calculate the road tax to be paid in Bangalore.

  • Fill the FORM 14. This form is required for paying road tax. The Original Invoice should be accompanied with this. 

  • After this, deposit the required amount in the cash counter. If tax is less than INR 3000, payment can be made over the counter. If tax is more than INR 3000, a demand draft for the tax amount needs to be paid in favor of RTO.

Please note that for paying road tax, NOC is not required. NOC is required only in case of vehicle re-registration and ownership transfer.

However, it is advisable to get your vehicle re-registered as you are allowed to ply your vehicle in Bangalore without re-registration for not more than 11 months.
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