Karnataka yellow board to white board charges kitna hai?

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Answered on October 22,2021

Car Should be 3 years old from the date on the RC card.

The following should be renewed/paid upto date :

• Insurance

• Fitness Certificate of the vehicle

• Road Tax (pay RTO counter Rs.10/- and get an RC extract printout if you aren't sure about the vechicle’s FC & tax paid details. ONLY Cash/DD accepted and counter closes at 12pm on Saturday and at 2:30pm remaining days )

Procedure for conversion from Yellow board to Non Transport :

“Conversion of Vehicle & Smart Card fee”: Fill form no. 29 and pay Rs. 500 + 137/- , obtain Receipt. Get 2 postal covers, one for the smart card and other to hold a folded A4 size sheet. Write your Address and phone details.

With the above ready, head to the permit section inorder to get “remarks on permit. Next up is DSA - which verifies if there is any case pending in court etc and gives Clearance.

Write a letter stating “Alteration from Yellow Board to Non Transport. Attach form - 42 and 29.

You will now be eligible to pay LTT - Life Time Tax. The amount will be decided by the competent authority.

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