I purchased a bike in Maharashtra in 2013 and in the same year I was transferred to Hyderabad. Before moving, I had obtained a NOC from Pune RTO. Validity of NOC is not mentioned in the NOC certificate. Currently, I am staying in Patna. my bike is also in Patna. Please guide me on how to re-register it in Bihar?

Nikesh Nikesh
Answered on September 06,2019

NOC generally have a validity of 6 months. so it is expired now.

Now you need to get NOC cancelled from RTO in Hyderabad. For canceling the NOC, you need to obtain Non-Utilization Certificate from RTO in Hyderabad stating that your vehicle is not registered there.

Non-Utilization certificate is an official statement from the RTO stating that your vehicle is not re-registered in that state.

Documents required for getting Non-Utilization Certificate are listed below.

  • A letter requesting Non-utilization certificate
  • Original RC book
  • Valid Insurance copy
  • PUC certificate copy
  • Affidavit stating that you have not registered vehicle in new state and no illegal work was done using that vehicle
  • Police verification certificate from the police commissioner office of the migrated state
  • Original NOC documents
  • ID proof

Once you get Non-Utilization Certificate from RTO in Hyderabad, follow the below steps to complete Vehicle Re-registration in Bihar

1. Get NOC for your Vehicle from Pune RTO where it is registered

Before transferring a vehicle from one state to another , NOC is required from the RTO where vehicle is registered . In case NOC has not been obtained at the time of migration, the registered owner is required to apply in Form 28 (Application for No Objection Certificate (NOC)) to the parent RTO along with documents for issue of NOC. In case, no reply is received from the previous RTO even after 30 days, the registered owner shall submit a copy of applied CMV Form 28, along with the postal acknowledgement for having submitted the required forms to previous RTO, and a declaration stating that the application for “NOC has neither been rejected nor any reply received from the previous registering authority” to whom the application has been made.

2. Pay Road Tax in Bihar

3. Get Registration Certificate of your Vehicle and New Vehicle Number from RTO in Bihar.

  • Fill Form 27. This form is required for obtaining the Bihar Registration mark.

  • Copy of Tax Payment

  • Form 27: This form is required for informing RTO about migration of your vehicle to Bihar

  • Form CMV 33: This form is required for informing RTO about change of address of your vehicle

  • Address Proof

  • Insurance Copy

  • PUC copy

  • ID proof

Manoj Manoj
Answered on September 06,2019

If a registered owner of a vehicle brings the vehicle to Bihar, which is already registered in some other state, after obtaining a N.O.C from the concerned state can apply for re-registration in Bihar. The documents required are as under:

  1. Other state registration certificate in original.
  2. Form 28 (NOC in duplicate)
  3. Form 27(Application for Assignment of New Registration Mark to a motor vehicle.)
  4. Form 20 (Application for New Registration a Motor-Vehicle).
  5. Attested copy of address proof.
  6. Attested copy of valid insurance.
  7. Attested copy of pollution under control certificate.
  8. Challan clearance from traffic police or enforcement wing of transport department. On case of commercial vehicle only.
  9. Fitness certificate issued by the board of inspection.
  10. Road tax (as applicable)
  11. Prescribed fee for registration.
  12. PAN Card or Form 60 & 61(as applicable) (Form of Declaration by a person not having PAN)
  13. Parking fees
  14. Certificate manufactured regarding emission norms

Note: Such registration of vehicle are subject to clearance from National Crime Record Bureau. The Transport Department arranges the clearance certificate themselves.

Note: Attested copy means photo copy attested by MLA/ Nigam Parshad/ Gazetted officer/ notary public.

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