I have Karnataka SC cast certificate but it is not working in Maharashtra. So can I apply for sc caste certificate in Maharashtra or is there any way to convert my Karnataka cast certificate to Maharashtra ?

ranganath ranganath
Answered on July 06,2019
SC/ST status entitling a person to quotas in jobs and admissions in one state will not automatically continue in another when the person migrates, except when he goes to Delhi, as it is the national capital of India.

Prasad Prasad
Answered on July 06,2019

SC caste itself have mutiple sub caste within. There is a chance that sub caste you belong to might not be considered as a reserved caste in Maharashtra, so you cannot claim benefits in job/admission in another state.

As per Supreme Court, a member of an SC/ST community from one state cannot claim the benefit of reservation in government jobs or admission in another state, if his or her caste is not notified there.

Vinod Vinod
Answered on July 06,2019

No, you cannot claim benefits in Maharashtra based on caste certificate in Karnataka. Also, you cannot convert Caste certificate in Karnataka to Maharashtra, as caste certificate in Maharashtra is only issued to residents of Maharashtra.

A person belonging to SCs or STs in one state cannot be deemed to be a SC or ST in other states where he has migrated for the purpose of employment or education. Such persons would be eating away the quota meant for the native SCs or STs. So a person notified as Scheduled Caste in state A cannot claim the same status in another state on the basis that he is declared as Scheduled Caste in state A.

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