I have bought 2014 model Ford EcoSport three days back and is planning to go to Bengaluru. I have transferred car to my name. How much tax I need to deposit for invoice amount 738389.43 . Also, How the refund will be provided to the person from whom I have bought ?

Ramaih Ramaih
Answered on July 08,2019

You have to first pay road tax in Bengaluru. Amount of road tax depends on actual date of purchase of car. Older the car lesser the road tax you need to pay.

You might have to pay somewhere between INR 80000 - 85000 as road tax in Karnataka.

You can check the exact road tax using the road tax calculator provided here.

Road Tax calculator Bangalore

Once you pay the road tax at Bangalore, you need to submit the copy of it in RTO at your home state to get the refund. As you are the legal owner of car, I believe, you have to visit RTO at home state to get it.

You can also check the refund to be received also from the above link.


Jai Jai
Answered on July 08,2019

You need to follow the below steps.

  1. Transfer the Ownership to your name

  2. Get NOC from RTO in Varanasi - This is done, I guess.

  3. Pay Road Tax in Bangalore.

  4. Get your vehicle re-registered in Bangalore

  5. Request for refund from RTO in Varanasi.

Process  involved in each of this step is mentioned here.

RTO Works in Karnataka

You can either do it by yourself or hire an agent to do it.

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