I have a vehicle which was registered in Karanataka, I moved to Gujarat for 2.5 years & re-register the vehicle there. Now I came back to Karnataka and want to re-register it in Karnataka. I have the road tax pay slip already. What should I do ?

Manu Manu
Answered on June 07,2019

If you are moving to Karnataka for more than 11 months, you have to re-register your vehicle in Karnataka.

You can calculate the road tax to be paid in Karnataka from below link.

Road tax to be paid in Karnataka

You have to do the following process now.

  • Get NOC for your Vehicle from RTO where it is registered. In your case, you have re-registered it in Gujarat. So you need to get NOC from RTO in Gujarat.

  • Pay Life Time Tax (Road Tax) in Bangalore

  • Get Registration Certificate of your Vehicle and New Vehicle Number from RTO in Karnataka

You can check the below link for RTO related processess.

RTO in Karnataka - NOC, Vehicle Re-registration

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