I have a Honda Brio Car registered in Indira Nagar RTO in Bangalore in 2013. I have recently shifted to Pune with my car. I have few questions (1) How do I get getting NOC certificate from Bangalore RTO being in Pune ? Any recommended agents/services ? (2) How long this NOC certificate is valid for ? (3) Do I have to change my car registration number in Maharashtra after getting NOC ? (4) In case if I want to driver my Bangalore registered car in Pune for approx. 2 to 3 years, should I change my car to Maharashtra number ? (5) What if I don't want to change my car number and if I obtain NOC ? Can I driver with NOC for 3 years ? (6) If NOC is not valid for 2 years, can I pay road tax in Pune and keep my car number as is ? (7) How do I get road tax refund from Bangalore RTO ?

Vivek Vivek
Answered on September 11,2019

Please find answer to your queries.

1) There are 2 ways. You can follow any one of this

a) Before transferring a vehicle from one state to another , NOC is required from the RTO where vehicle is registered (Bangalore) . In case NOC has not been obtained at the time of migration, the registered owner is required to apply in CMV Form 28 to the parent RTO (Bangalore) along with documents for issue of NOC. In case, no reply is received from the previous RTO even after 30 days, the registered owner shall submit a copy of applied CMV Form 28 to New RTO in Pune, along with the postal acknowledgement for having submitted the required forms to previous RTO, and a declaration stating that the application for “NOC has neither been rejected nor any reply received from the previous registering authority” to whom the application has been made.


b) Hire an RTO Agents from Bangalore who will do it for you. Neither you nor your vehicle needs to present in Bangalore to apply for NOC.

2) NOC certificate is valid for 6 months.

3) It depends on how long you are planning to stay in Maharashtra. If you are planning to stay in Maharashtra for more than 1 year, it is better to change it.

4) You should get a MH number plate

5) Purpose of NOC is only for Vehicle Re-registration and Ownership Transfer. As per law, if you are staying for 2-3 years in Pune, you should definitely re-register it in Maharashtra. It is better to do it before the expiry of existing NOC because if the NOC expires you need to get it canceled by providing Non-Utilization Certificate.

6) You have to pay Road Tax anyways. NOC is not a requirement for paying of road tax. NOC is required at the time of Vehicle Re-registration.

7)In order to get road tax refund from Bangalore, you need to first pay road tax in Pune. Once you have paid the road tax and registered your vehicle in Pune, you can proceed to obtain refund from RTO at Bangalore.

Following documents are required to be submitted to get refund.

  • NOC certificate for transfer of Vehicle
  • Copy of the road tax receipt paid by the owner of the vehicle in the new state.
  • Copy of the road tax receipt paid by the owner of the vehicle in the old state where he or she used to reside.
  • Form DT and RTO Form 16 are required to be submitted as applications.
  • Copy of either the new or old smart card in addition to a notarized copy of the same.
  • The impression of the chassis number of the vehicle.
  • Insurance certificate
  • Proof of address of the owner that will also act as the proof of migration form the old state to the new.
  • A request letter by the owner needs to be submitted to claim the road tax. In addition to this, the bank account and the address to which the cheque has to be sent should also be mentioned.

Manoj Manoj
Answered on November 11,2019

You can check this video to calculate the road tax to be paid in Karnataka.