How to give Power of Attorney to someone in India from Japan?

Power of Attorney (POA)

Power of attorney is a legal document giving one person power to act on behalf of another person.

The agent can have broad or limited range of authority to make legal decision about the principal’s property and finance.

The power of attorney is frequently used in the events where the principal can’t be present to sign necessary legal documents.


Context: One of my client living in Osaka, Japan. She is 80 years old and keen to invest in retirement home. After exploring few options in India, she decided to buy a flat in Devanahalli, Bangalore because of close proximity to prominent hospital and premium property at affordable price.

She is not willing to look after the ground affair of buying the property so she appointed her family friend to act on her behalf. She granted Power of attorney to her family friend in India.


We followed below procedure to give power of attorney from Japan to India:

1.We drafted the POA in document file

2.Emailed the draft to my client in Japan. She took printout on A4 size paper and affixed her passport size photo at last page

3. Principal carried the following documents to Consulate General of India, OSAKA-KOBE

  • Printed POA
  • Indian Passport and one photo copy
  • Japan’s Resident card and one photocopy

4. In consulate office, admin staff verified the above listed documents and approved for attestation

5. Principal signed the POA in-front of admin staff, the signature should match as per passport

6. The principal paid the attestation fee of JPY 2800 per POA including tax. The payment was made by cash at the counter.

7. The Vice-Consul attested and signed the POA.

8. The consulate office retained the photocopy and handed over the original POA to principal

9. The principal courier the following documents to India (to agent or attorney)

POA attested by consulate general of India

Self attested passport copy

10. In India, we received the package in 3 days through express courier

11. The agent in India affixed his passport size photo and signed the POA

12. As mentioned above, the property located Devanahalli, Bangalore. Devenahalli comes under Bangalore Rural so we got the POA adjudicated in District Registrar office- Rural division which is located in Rajajinagar.

The adjudication fee is Rs. 300 (Below is the cost break-up)

  • Stamp Duty : Rs.200
  • Others : Rs. 100

We paid the fee on Khajana-2 website, below payment challan for your reference.

Below is the image of POA:


Note: (we would like to share following information, these information may help you in the execution process)

  • We tried reaching the consulate office through telephone (00-81-6)-4963-3219 for appointment but the call was not answered despite multiple try at multiple times.
  • We wrote an email to vice-Consul, we received instant response, we clarified all our doubts and we got our appointment booked in 3 days from the day of email exchange. The email id is
  • Principal should sign the POA in-front of staff in consulate office. Should not sign beforehand
  • If we mention PAN number or Aadhaar number in POA, we should carry these documents to consulate office for verification
  • The POA should submit between 9 - 11.30am. Th attested copy will be handed back between 3-5pm on same day
  • Not mandatory to take two witnesses to Consulate office and sign in-front of consulate staff. Witnesses can sign after the consulate general attestation.
  • We don’t need notary or Apostille on POA before we approach consulate general attestation, we can directly obtain the consulate general attestation on the POA. As per my understanding, consulate general attestation is convenient and least expensive than notary or Apostille in Japan.
  • The above procedure is applicable for both Indian passport holder and OCI card holder


We provide assistance to execute POA. To opt for our service, please WhatsApp to + 9 1 - 9 7 4 2 4 7 9 0 2 0.

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