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How to get re-registration of your Vehicle in Bangalore?




As per the Karnataka Motor Vehicle Act 1957, if you take your bike from home state to Bangalore, you need to get it re-registered within 11 months from the date of arrival in to Karnataka State. Re-registration of vehicle involves the following tasks.

  1. Get NOC for your Vehicle from RTO where it is registered
  2. Pay Life Time Tax (Road Tax) in Bangalore
  3. Get Registration Certificate of your Vehicle and New Vehicle Number from RTO in Bangalore

Following steps are discussed in detail here.

  1. Get NOC for your Vehicle from where it is registered

Before transferring a vehicle from one state to another ,  NOC is required from the RTO  where vehicle is registered .  In case NOC has not been obtained at the time of migration, the registered owner is required to apply in CMV Form 28 to the parent RTO along with documents for issue of NOC. In case, no reply is received from the previous RTO even after 30 days, the registered owner shall submit a copy of applied CMV Form 28, along with the postal acknowledgement for having submitted the required forms to previous RTO, and a declaration stating that the application for “NOC has neither been rejected nor any reply received from the previous registering authority” to whom the application has been made.

  1. Pay Life Time Tax (Road Tax) in Bangalore 
  • Find the correct RTO as per your residential zone. Bangalore is divided into multiple zones and every zone has dedicated RTO. The information is available at RTO website.
  • Fill the FORM 14 (KMV- T – 14). This form is required for Life Time Tax (LTT) calculation. The Original Invoice and NOC should be accompanied with this.
  • If tax is less than INR 3000, payment can be made over the counter. If tax is more than INR 3000, a demand draft for the tax amount needs to be paid in favor of RTO. 
  1. Get Registration Certificate of your Vehicle and New Vehicle Number from RTO in Bangalore 
  • Fill Form 27. This form is required for obtaining the Karnataka Registration mark.
  • Following forms are required for obtaining the registration certificate of your vehicle
  • Copy of LTT payment
  • FORM-14 which had the Tax calculation on it
  • Form KMV 27: This form is required for informing RTO about migration of your vehicle to Karnataka
  • Form CMV 33:  This form is required for informing RTO about change of address of your vehicle
  • Form CMV 27: This form is required for obtaining the Karnataka Registration mark
  • Address Proof: If you are new to Bangalore,  you can get a notarized affidavit stating your local address as rental agreement is not accepted by RTO
  • Attach the HR letter from company
  • Insurance Copy
  • PUC copy
  • ID proof
  • Attach the self-addressed envelope with required postal stamps


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