How to get original documents from LIC HFL after loan closure? What documents are to be collected?

After the closure of home loan, write an email to LIC HFL from your registered email ID for collect of documents, the LIC HFL email ID is

The LIC HFL will respond with date, time and place of document collection. Usually, we get appointment within 15 working days from day of writing an email. Refer to below response from LIC HFL

As per the appointment given by LIC HFL, we need to collect following documents: 

  • “No Dues Certificate” in LIC HFL letterhead
  • Property documents that were deposited at the time of availing home loan. Some of these documents include Sale Deed, Encumbrance Certificate, Sale Agreement, Loan Agreement and Power of Attorney

No Due Certificate” from LIC HFL is the most important document that should be collected after the repayment of home loan. It states that all the outstanding dues are paid and LIC HFL does not have any claim, rights, title or interest in the property. It also consists of important details related to your home loan, refer to the details below

  • Loan Account number
  • Applicant(s) name
  • List of property documents that LIC HFL returns to you
  • Property address
  • Seal and signature by authorized signatory

Sharing the “No Due Certificate” below for your reference.

If you refer to the above No Due Certificate, we deposited sale deed, Encumbrance Certificate and Sale Agreement as security at the time of availing home loan in April 2013

Although we repaid the full loan amount of Rs. 45 lakhs in 2016, we were not able to collect the property documents from LIC HFL because I was working in abroad at that time.

In Feb 2024, We collected the below property documents from LIC and ensured that documents were in good condition, with all the pages intact.

  • Sale Deed
  • Encumbrance Certificate
  • Sale Agreement

Our is an equitable loan, which means that we deposited the property documents as security and we didn’t register the loan in registrar’s office. Removal of lien in registrar’s office does not apply to us

Additional information about lien removal :

  • Based on my understanding, LIC HFL does not register the home loan. They just sign the MODT with borrower and collect the property document as security.
  • LIC HFL registers the loan when there is any specific legal issue with property or their lawyer is unable to arrive at the title of documents.
  • For registered loan, LIC HFL hands over “Discharge Deed” along with property documents. we need to register the Discharge Deed in registrar's office to remove the lien

Additional information about our service:

My client lives in Washington, USA. He wants to sell his 2BHK flat in Bangalore and we found the buyer. When the buyer asked about the property documents for verification, we realized that property documents were with LIC HFL.

From USA, my client gave a General Power of Attorney (GPA) limited to collecting the property documents from LIC HFL. Refer to below GPA

With the above GPA, we collected the documents from LIC HFL and dispatched the original documents to Washington USA on same day. My client received the documents in 5 working days in safe condition.


We assist in document collection from LIC HFL. To opt for our service, please WhatsApp to +91-97424-79020

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