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How to apply for learners license online in Bangalore ?




  1. Go to https://parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice8/stateSelection.do
  2. Choose your State
  3. On the left hand side of the page, click Apply Online
  4. Click on New Learners License
  5. Click on Continue
  6. As you are applying for fresh Learner Licence, then select the first choice “Applicant does not hold Driving/ Learner Licence” then click Submit button.Fill all the necessary information, * marked block is mandatory to fill.
  7. After filling the form click on Submit button.After successful submission Application Number will be generated and SMS will be sent to the entered mobile number. Candidate can take a print of the generated acknowledgement.
  8. Click on Next button for documents, photo and signature upload.
  9. Select the UPLOAD DOCUMENTS option and click Next button. Select the suitable documents and proofs for respective documents.
  10. Select the option Document and upload the document and click on Conform button to document upload conformation and click on Next button.
  11. Repeat the document upload procedure to upload all necessary documents.
  12. After successful uploading of all necessary documents click on Next button to Photo and Signature
  13. Click on Browse button to select photograph of the candidate and Signature of the candidate.
  14. Click on Upload and View Files
  15. After successful upload of Photograph and Signature click on Save Photo & Signature Image Files.
  16. “Inserted Successfully” message will be displayed on successful upload.
  17. Then click on Next button to Fee Payment.
  18. Select the Fee Payment option and click Next for fee payment
  19. Instructions will be displayed for Online Payment for the LL/DL Applications then click “Click here to Continue ePayment”
  20. Make the payment

Once all uploads are complete and confirmed, you’ll get a prompt to book your Learner's License test slot.Book the slot. Visit the RTO on that specific day with all the required documents and clear the test.


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