How can I get Norwegian work permit/Visa?

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Answered on February 06,2024

Securing a Norwegian work permit and visa requires dedication and navigating specific procedures. Here's a roadmap to guide you:

1. Secure a Job Offer:

Actively search for job openings on platforms like Indeed, and LinkedIn, focusing on fields with in-demand skills like technology, healthcare, and skilled trades.

Network with professionals in your chosen field, attend industry events, and utilize professional associations like NHO (Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise Employers).

Impress potential employers with your qualifications, experience, and adaptability to the Norwegian work culture.

2. Understand Work Permit Types:

Skilled worker permit: Ideal for professionals with specialized skills and qualifications sought by Norway.

Specialist permit: For professions requiring specific educational backgrounds or licenses, like doctors or engineers.

Intra-company transfer permit: If your current company has a branch in Norway and wishes to transfer you.

3. Meet Eligibility Requirements:

Possess relevant educational qualifications and work experience as per the chosen permit type.

Obtain a job offer from a legitimate Norwegian employer willing to sponsor your work permit application.

Secure sufficient funds to support yourself during the application process and initial stay in Norway.

Demonstrate knowledge of the Norwegian language, though not always mandatory, it significantly strengthens your application.

4. Gather Application Documents:

Completed work permit application form (often found on UDI website)

Valid passport with sufficient validity beyond your intended stay.

Employment contract with your Norwegian employer.

Educational certificates and degrees translated to Norwegian or English.

Proof of financial means (bank statements, salary slips).

Medical test results, if required for your specific profession.

Travel insurance covering medical expenses in Norway.

5. Submit Application through UDI:

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) handles work permit applications.

Submit your application online through UDI's portal after carefully reviewing all requirements.

Pay the necessary application fee.

6. Attend Interview (Optional):

UDI may request an interview to clarify details or confirm information provided in your application.

Prepare for potential questions about your job offer, qualifications, and future plans in Norway.

7. Processing Time and Permit Issuance:

Processing times can vary depending on the workload and complexity of your application. Expect it to take several weeks, possibly months.

Once approved, you'll receive the work permit and can apply for a residence visa through your local Norwegian embassy or consulate.

Itzeazy, a leading visa service provider, can assist you throughout this process. They offer expert guidance, document review, application assistance, and even interview preparation. Their support can significantly smoothen your journey towards securing your Norwegian work permit and visa.

Remember, securing a Norwegian work permit requires meticulous preparation, understanding specific requirements, and demonstrating your value to the Norwegian economy. Utilize the resources available, including Itzeazy's professional expertise, to increase your chances of success and embark on your Norwegian work adventure!

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