Can I use Mumbai registered scooter in Bangalore by just paying the road tax yearly as I expect to return back to mumbai after 2-3 years? or Should I get it re- registered by taking NOC from Mumbai RTO?

Devraj Devraj
Answered on September 13,2019

If you are planning to stay in Bangalore for 2-3 years, then you need to get your scooter re-register in Karnataka. For this, it is important that you take NOC from RTO in Mumbai.

Regarding road tax, payment of road tax is not made yearly. While registering scooter in Mumbai, you have paid life time road tax for 15 years. When you come to Bangalore you need to pay road tax for remaining of the 15 years. You can get refund from Mumbai RTO after paying road tax in Karnataka.

You can check this link for payment of road tax in Karnataka and amount of refund from Mumbai RTO.

Road Tax Calculator in Karnataka

Ravi Ravi
Answered on September 13,2019

Check the below link for what to be done while bringing your vehicle to Bangalore.

What to do when you bring you car or bike to Bangalore ?


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