Can I ride my TN registered bike in Karnataka without an NOC. If I do not wish to re-register, am I eligible to ride my bike without NOC?. Is there any other documents required to ride it in Karnataka? Does traffic police have the right to ask for the NOC? What is the fine amount if I ride without an NOC (if at all it is an offence) I heard from traffic police that the fine can be paid only in court. And vehicle should be got from there only. Is that true?

Deepak Deepak
Answered on September 19,2019

Regarding NOC

NOC is required for vehicle re-registration. If you do not wish to re-register your bike in Karnataka, then you don’t need to take NOC. Please note that, as per Karnataka Motor Vehicle Act, you need to get your vehicle re-registered in Karnataka within 11 months of bringing your vehicle in Karnataka.

Traffic Police expect you to re-register your vehicle in Karnataka. If you tell them that you do not intend to re-register in Karnataka, I am not sure about their course of action. If you tell them that re-registration is in process, they will ask you for NOC.

Fine amount

There is no specific fine amount for NOC. NOC is one of the document required for vehicle re-registration. So, even if they fine you, it might not be for NOC but for vehicle re-registration.

If you have not applied for re-registration, you will be penalised as per the rule under Section 44 read with Section 177 of the Motor Vehicle Act, which states that failure to register the vehicle for more than 12 months, can lead to penalty of Rs 100 for the first offense and Rs 300 for the second and any subsequent offences. This is in addition to the road tax that needs to have been paid from the vehicle’s time of entry, along with interest.

However, as per the amendments in Motor Vehicle Act on Sept 2019, penalty is increased to Rs. 500/- for the first offence Rs. 1,500/- for second and subsequent offence.

You can calculate the road tax to be paid in Bangalore from here.

Other Documents/Processes for riding your vehicle in Bangalore

  1. Change Address in RC book within 30 days of bringing your bike to Bangalore
  2. Pay Road Tax in Bangalore

Impounding of Vehicle

Authorities can detain a vehicle in the following circumstances:

  • Vehicle being driven by an individual without valid driving license
  • Vehicle being driven without registration
  • Transport vehicle being driven without Permit
  • Vehicle being driven without payment of Tax

Payment of fine

Except for drunken driving, police can issue spot fine and collect it. If you refuses or does not want to pay a spot fine, you would be required to surrender your original driving licence - for which the officer concerned would give an acknowledgement. You can walk into the police station within a week and pay the fine and get the DL back or the case will go to court. If the motorist fails to appear in court, a warrant will be issued and he will have to face arrest or stiffer penalties.


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