Can a Release deed or Relinquishment deed be sent from abroad?

Release Deed (also known as Relinquishment Deed) is a legal document through which a person surrenders ownership of a property in favor of another person who is a co-owner of a property.

We cannot send release or Relinquishment deed from abroad because a deed must register in sub-registrar office in India. As an alternative, we can grant a power of attorney to co-owner to register deed on your behalf in India.

Let me give a real context for your better understanding:

Mrs.Padmavathi acquired 60-year-old ancestral property from her mother. The property measures 525 square feet of land and building on the land measures 350 square feet. The property is located in Basavanagudi, Bangalore

Since its an ancestral property, she doesn’t have registered deed but she has been paying property tax regularly, below is the latest tax-paid receipt

On 7th January 2022, Mrs. Padmavathi demised naturally from an alignment associated with aging. late Mrs. Padmavathi hava a daughter Mrs.Suma who is settled in USA and a Son Mr.Harish living in Bangalore

As per the Hindu Succession Act 1956, siblings Mrs.Suma and Mr.Harish acquired the property through a legitimate Khata transfer. The khata application was filed through Sakala Online Services, refer to the below khata image

Out of love and affection, Mrs.Suma wants to surrender her 50% of share in property to her brother Mr.Harish.

Mrs. Suma settled in USA and due to work commitments, she could not able to travel to India to register Release deed in sub-registrar office so she gave GPA to her brother Mr.Harish to register Release deed on her behalf.

Mrs.Suma followed the below steps to execute a GPA in USA:

Step 1: Drafted the GPA in word file

Step 2: Printed the GPA on A4 sheet paper

Step 3: Mrs.Suma signed the GPA in-front of notary public in USA

Notary public sealed and signed the GPA

Step 4: Mrs.Suma sent the GPA to her brother Mr. Harish in India via DHL Express

Step 5: Mr. Harish received in GPA in 5 days

Step 6: Mr.Harish Adjudicated the GPA in Basavanagudi District Registrar's office.

GPA adjudication fee is Rs. 300. Below payment receipt for your reference

Below is the image of adjudicated GPA


Mr.Harish followed below steps to register the release deed in Basavanagudi sub-registrar office in Bangalore.

Step 1: Drafted the Release deed in word file

Step 2: Printed the release deed on document paper

Step 3: Paid the below government fee:

  • Stamp Duty: Rs..5000
  • Registration Fee: Rs.1000
  • Scanning: Rs. 500
  • Affidavit: Rs. 40

The total government fee is Rs. 6540

Paid the government fees on Khajane-II website, through internet banking and generated below payment challan

Step 4: Mr.Harish carried following documents to Basavanagudi sub-registrar office for Release deed registration

  • Khata (shared the image above)
  • Property tax receipt (shared the image above)
  • Release deed (to be registered)
  • General Power of Attorney (Shared the image above)
  • Payment challan (shared the image above)
  • Mr. Harish’s Aadhaar and PAN
  • Mrs.Suma Passport copy

Step 5: In the sub-registrar, officer verified the above-listed documents and approved for registration

  • Mr.Harish gave the thumb impression, webcam photo and signed the deed on behalf of Releasor Mrs. Suma (also his sister)
  • Again, Mr. Harish gave thumb impression, webcam photo and signed the deed as Releasee
  • Two witnesses signed the release deed

Below is the image of registered Release Deed:

This completes the procedure to register Release or Relinquishment deed from abroad


We provide assistance for Khata transfer + Power of Attorney + Deed registration

To opt for our service, please Whatsapp to + 9 1 - 9 7 4 2 4 7 9 0 2 0.

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