Can a person have 2 PAN Cards?

Answered on March 26,2023

As per section 272B, those who have two or more PAN cards can be fined Rs 10,000 and can also be sent to jail. It is advisable to avoid additional PAN.


As it happened to you by accident, here is the way to surrender duplicate PAN number:-

1. First of all, both the PAN should be in the same jurisdiction(JAO). If not one of them, then that PAN should be transferred from that JAO to your JAO.

2. After PAN transfer, (i) A request letter with copy of Aadhaar, (ii) Copy of PAN you are going to retain (iii) Original PAN you are going to surrender and (iv) An affidavit Deposit at least Rs 50 in the Income Tax Department,

3. Once the PAN is deleted, a request is made before SYSTEMS, DELHI for D-LINK the Aadhar from the deleted PAN

4. After Aadhaar is de-linked, the retained PAN can be linked to Aadhar by paying a penalty of Rs 1000(AY, Major head, minor head should be kept in mind while making payment). PAN can be linked after one week from payment of Rs. 1000,  (Aadhaar link deadline is 31st March 2023)

5. If Name, Father's Name, DOB are not respected in PAN as per Aadhaar, these corrections should be corrected in PAN before Aadhaar linking.

This process is quite complicated, costly and time consuming which takes about 4-5 months. But I can do it within two weeks. If anyone (from anywhere in India) faces PAN related issues (any kind) he can contact us via
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