After receiving the NOC from Bengaluru for moving the vehicle to Chennai for reregistration and name transfer, it is noticed that that the chassis number is stated wrongly in the RC smart card and NOC as well as in the original RC book issued in 2005. Can the vehicle be registered in Chennai based on correct chassis number stated in the original invoice of the car and Chassis pencil print and physical verification by Chennai RTO? Or is the rectification in NOC to be done by Bengaluru RTO? Does it involve issue of non utilisation certificate by Chennai RTO and payment of road tax in Chennai for the same?

Manoj Manoj
Answered on March 02,2020

This is a clerical mistake by RTO in Bangalore. You can request them to issue a new NOC certificate.

Non-Utilization certificate is not required from Chennai RTO as the mistake is at Bangalore RTO's side.

For payment of road tax in Chennai, NOC from Bangalore RTO is not required. You can pay it anytime. NOC is required only in case of Vehicle Re-registration and Ownership Transfer.

Kevin Kevin
Answered on March 02,2020

You can request any of the RTO agents to help you in this regards.

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