Cost of Living

Tesz helps you campare the cost of living in two cities

To maintain your standard of living in Bangalore you need to earn:

INR 63,288.00

The cost of living is 27% higher in Bangalore

Housing Cost 71% higher
Kolkata Bangalore
Median rent of 2 BHK 14612 25000
Transportation Cost 0% lower
Kolkata Bangalore
Petrol (per ltr) 74.69 74.42
Diesel (per ltr) 67.76 67.63
Entertainment Cost 28% higher
Kolkata Bangalore
Movie Ticket 180 230
Healthcare Cost 8% lower
Kolkata Bangalore
Cost of dentist visit (median) 250 200
Cost of Ophtalmologist visit (median) 400 400
Food Cost 1% lower
Kolkata Bangalore
Price of meal for 2 502 532.11
Toned Milk (1 ltr) 44 42
Onion (1 kg) 29 29
Tomato Local (1kg) 79 29
Potato(1kg) 16 27
Eggs Regular-12 66 72

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