How to get Income Certificate in Telangana ?

The certificate contains the details of the annual income of a person/family from all kinds of resources. It can be furnished for the general purpose of a citizen or for a student for Fee reimbursement. Income certificate is an official statement provided to the citizen by the state government confirming his/her annual income.

Documents Required

Following are the documents required for income certificate in Telangana.

  • Application form

  • Ration card/Aadhaar card/EPIC card

  • Copy of income tacx return/Payslips/Proof of income

Meeseva Registration

Income Certificate can be applied online from Meeseva portal. For this, you need to register in Meeseva portal. Follow the below steps to register in Meeseva portal.

  • Choose "Citizen".

  • Click on "New User".

Income Certificate Telangana Meeseva Online Registration

  • Enter all the required details such as desired login id, password, confirm password and Contact information such as email, confirm email, alternate email, and mobile number.

Income Certificate Telangana Meeseva Online New User Registration


  • Click on Submit button for registration submission.

  • After submission, One Time Password will be sent to your mobile number.

  • Enter OTP and Click on Confirm.

Apply Online for Income Certificate

Follow the below steps to apply online for income certificate in Telangana.

  • Click on 'Income Certificate'.

meeseva telangana income certificate

  • Enter the required details of the application form of income certificate in Telangana.

meeseva telangana income certificate application form

  • Upload the scanned copies of the documents mentioned in the prescribed format.

  • Make the required payment by clicking ‘Show Payment’. 

  • On confirmation, the acknowledgment receipt will be generated along with the Certificate Delivery Date.

  • The application will be processed, and the status will be intimated to the applicant.

  • Once the application is approved, the citizen will receive Message like “Your Request for income Certificate Request has been Accepted Vide Application No: ICXXXXXX Transaction No TAICXXXXXX Please collects your Certificate at MeeSeva-XXXXXXXX”.

    Apply Offline

    Follow the below steps to apply for income certificate in Telangana.

    • Visit the Tahsildar Office in your area.

    • Fill the application form for income certificate in Telangana.

    • Submit it with the required documents.

Issuing Authority

  • Tahsildar is the approval authority.

Income Certificate Telangana Meeseva Tahsildar

Time Required

  • It will take 7 days to receive the Income Certificate in Telangana.


  • Service charge for Income Certificate in Telangana is INR 35. 

Track Status

Follow the below steps to track the application status.

  • Visit Telangana meeseva website.

  • Enter income on "Track Your Application Status".

meeseva telangana income certificate track

  • Enter the text and click on 'Submit'.

  • Enter transaction id on 'Search Transaction'.

  • Click on 'Get Details'. 

Application Forms

Helpline Number

Helpline number of Telangana meeseva portal is 1800425110.