What is the procedure for getting the treatment under Yeshasvini Health Scheme ?

Ankit Ankit
Answered on January 25,2018
  1. The beneficiaries holding unique identification number should approach the Yeshasvini network hospital.
  2. The hospital checks whether the applicant is Yeshasvini beneficiary and whether the surgery is covered under Yeshasvini scheme.
  3. Preauthorization is sought from Medical Service Provider (MSP) through internet. The MSP gives pre authorization and then the hospital conducts surgery.
  4. The hospital forwards bills to the MSP.
  5. The bills are scrutinised and sent to Yeshasvini Trust.
  6. Yeshasvini trust passes the bills and after approval in specified sub committee meetings, the payment is made to MSP. MSP inturn makes payment to the hospital.

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