How do I apply for Yeshaswini ID card in Bangalore?

Answered on July 25,2020

if you are living in Karnataka then you have a gift of Yeshaswini ID card by using Yeshaswini scheme you can take full benefits like features, benefits, eligibility criteria, the application process, etc about this Yeshaswini scheme so visit here.

Chandra Chandra
Answered on January 17,2019

You can contact any of the agents listed in following link to get Yeshaswini ID card.

Manu Manu
Answered on December 27,2017

Visit to apply for the Yeshasvini card online.

Raghu Raghu
Answered on June 03,2018

Please follow the below step to enroll for Yeshasvini scheme.

  • Enrollment or Renewal of membership starts from January/February every year and closes by July/August of that year. 
  • Local co-operative society, with the assistance of the co-operative department, signs up the members, issues a receipt and deposits the premium with a local co-operative bank, prior to the start of the plan year.
  • UHID (Unique Health Identification) enrollment form containing predefined numbers using barcode reader are issued to the main member. Each enrolment form contains particulars of the main member and his family members name, age, relationship, society membership number, date and photo of family members who are enrolled under scheme including the main member. The beneficiary details are available in this website

Check this link to get all your doubts on Yeshasvini ID card cleared.
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