What is the " Age Certificate Form " from Family Welfare & Heath of Karnataka Government ?

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Answered on December 11,2023


Name of the Service: Issue of age certificate

Name of the Sub Service: Issue of age Certificate (Age determination that does not need specialist opinion / investigation)

Whom to approach for this service (Designated Officer)?: Medical Officer

Procedure involved to get this service: 1. Request by the citizen / Police / NGO 2. OPD registration 3. Entry into GSC and issue Ack 4. Appear for assessment of the age by the Medical Officer 5. Preparation of certificate 6. Issue of certificate Form to be submitted to get this service Citizen has to get registered in OPD / Police will submit a report

Who are eligible to get this service: Citizen / Police / Legal Authority

Fee/Charges to be paid to get the service: NIL

Maximum number of days to wait to get this service delivered: 3 Working Days

Whom to approach as a appeal (Competent Officer), if the service is not delivered in time or rejected by officer: DHO / District Surgeon

Maximum number of days to wait to get the decision of the Competent Officer: 15 Working Days

Whom to approach as 2nd appeal (Appellate Authority), if the decision of the Competent officer is not acceptable or not implemented: CEO, ZP / Deputy Commissioner

Maximum no. of days to wait to get the decision of Appellate Authority: 15 Working Days

Other information: Normal age 3 days is sufficient, for complicated age determination which requires specialist opinion / investigation - it requires 15 days

Website (if online): http://karhfw.gov.in/

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