What is Part Number of Electoral Roll and How to get it?

Teja Teja
Answered on January 27,2019

The part number of electoral roll represents the constituency the voter belongs to. The part number of electoral roll is hence a representation of the area you reside in. You can find it both in online and offline method.


Follow the below steps to get part number from voter ID card online.

  1. Visit https://electoralsearch.in/
  2. Enter name of person
  3. Enter the captcha code and press Search button
  4. You will see the list of people who have the same name as yours.
  5. Enter basic details like age, date of birth, state, district etc. to filter it to get the required person
  6. Click on View Details to check the details
  7. You can see the part number from there. 


You can know your part no. of electoral roll by looking into the part number on the Voter IDs of your family members or neighbors. This is because, if you live in the same area/mohalla, you will have the same part number of electoral roll. On the reverse of his/her Voter ID card, you will find multiple details like sex, date of birth, address, date, assembly, constituency no. and name and part number and name. This will be your part no of electoral roll.

Venu Venu
Answered on January 03,2019

Step by step instruction on finding part number is provided below.