What is Digilocker ?

Renuka Renuka
Answered on February 25,2019

DigiLocker is a digital locker to store all your documents. It offers the following benefits:

  1. Citizens can access their digital documents anytime, anywhere and share it online. This is convenient and time saving.
  2. It reduces the administrative overhead of Government departments by minimizing the use of paper.
  3. Digital Locker makes it easier to validate the authenticity of documents as they are issued directly by the registered issuers.
  4. You can upload scanned copies of your documents (PDF, JPEG or PNG format) and access it anywhere you want. You can also e-sign these uploaded documents, which works like self-attestation of physical documents.

The storage capacity offered per user is 1 GB, without any limit on the number of documents that can be uploaded to it.

Lena Lena
Answered on March 01,2019

Details about Digilocker is provided below.

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How to fix issues with Digilocker?

DigiLocker is a digital locker to store all your documents. Sometimes, you might have encountered any of the following issues with Digilocker. Documents uploaded by you to Digilocker mi..
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