What are the features of the new plastic voter cards enlisted to fresh voters?

Sharan Sharan
Answered on January 08,2020

New voters, who are registering their names for the first time, will be provided with a new smart looking PVC card. This card, which is being introduced for the first time in the state by the Election Commission, will contain the voters' information along with an invisible ten digit standard identification number imprinted on the barcode of the card.The W series 16 digit identification number will be replaced with a standard 10 digit identification number in the new voter ID card. However, the 16 digit number printed on the old black and white voter ID cards will also be valid.The new card is more secure as it has an invisible number that can be deciphered only by commission officials. In the old voter card there is a hologram to identify the authenticity of the card. The cards are made of synthetic plastic polymer and so they will naturally be unbreakable and waterproof.