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I want to transfer my motorcycle from New Delhi to my hometown Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh what is the process please guide me thanks




Procedure to transfer bike from Delhi to Himachal Pradesh

I am assuming you bought your motor cycle from Delhi.

As you need to transfer your bike from Delhi to Himachal Pradesh, you need to follow the RTO guidelines of Government of Himachal Pradesh.As per the Motor Vehicle Acts of different States, if you take your bike from home State (Delhi)to any other State (Himachal Pradesh), you need to get it re-registered within 6–12 months from the date of arrival into migrated State (Himachal Pradesh). So if you are moving for a short duration, say less than 6 months, then there is no need for change of registration number. You can pay road tax in the migrated State and use it. Please note that for paying road tax, NOC is not required. NOC is required only in case of vehicle re-registration and ownership transfer.

If you are planning to stay in Himachal Pradesh for a long time , you need to get it re-registered in Himachal Pradesh.For re-registration of vehicle in Himachal Pradesh, you need to get NOC from RTO where bike is registered (RTO in Delhi) and pay Road Tax in Himachal Pradesh. Road tax is calculated based on the price of vehicle and also on the age of vehicle. Life time of vehicle is assumed to be 15 years, so older your vehicle, lesser road tax you need to pay. You will get Registration Certificate of your Vehicle and New Vehicle Number from RTO in Himachal Pradesh in 3-4 weeks.

Steps involved in obtaining NOC are provided below.


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