I want to buy a pre-owned bike registered in Delhi and will be driving it in pune. What is the procedure and price of transfer ?

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Answered on January 04,2019

Procedure for transfer of bike

In your case, there are two things involved.When you buy the bike, you need to transfer ownership of bike and then when you transfer it to Pune, you need to get it re-registered there.

1. Ownership Transfer
As ownership is being transfered, you need to get NOC from RTO in Delhi where the vehicle is registered. After getting NOC, you need to apply for ownership transfer in migrated state (Maharashtra). You will receive updated RC book in 3-4 weeks

2. Vehicle Re-registration

As you need to transfer your bike from Delhi to Pune, you need to follow the RTO guidelines of Government of Maharashtra.As per the Motor Vehicle Acts of different States, if you take your bike from home State (Delhi)to any other State, you need to get it re-registered within 6–12 months from the date of arrival in to migrated State (Maharashtra). So if you are moving for a short duration, say less than 6 months, then there is no need for change of registration number. You can pay road tax in the migrated State and use it. Please note that for paying road tax, NOC is not required. NOC is required only in case of vehicle re-registration and ownership transfer.

If you are planning to stay in Pune for a long time , you need to get it re-registered in Pune.For re-registration of vehicle in Pune, you need to get NOC from RTO where bike is registered and pay Road Tax in Pune. Road tax is calculated based on the price of vehicle and also on the age of vehicle. Life time of vehicle is assumed to be 15 years, so older your vehicle, lesser road tax you need to pay. After paying road tax, you will get Registration Certificate of your Vehicle and New Vehicle Number from RTO in Maharashtra in 3-4 weeks.

Price of transfer (Approx)

Charges for NOC for Vehicle Transfer/Ownership Trasfer : NOC is free of charge. However, a self-addressed envelope with stamps of required worth should be affixed with form to speed post the RC book once NOC is cleared.
Road Tax : Road tax is calculated based on the price of vehicle and also on the age of vehicle.
Ownership transfer charges : INR 30 - 50 for 2 wheelers

These charges are approximate and is based on the assumption that you will do everything by yourself. If you go by agents, they will charge more.

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