I need income certificate to apply for brahmin loan. How to get income certificate online in Karnataka ?

Sakala Sakala Mission, Government of Karnataka
Answered on August 25,2021

Kindly Visit:  Seva Sinhu website

Procedure for applying:

1. Submission of application in Seva Sindhu Portal
2. Distribution of applications from ri to village accountant
3. Local enquiry by va and collecting of relevant records and information and putting up the opinion
4. Report of revenue inspector and recommandations of revenue inspector with relevant documents. And transfering of application from boo login to caseworker login noting ri report
5. Verification by case worker and generation of office note
6. Recommendations of sirestedar and approval of office note
7. Approval of office note and generation of draft copy by tahasildar
8. Approval of draft copy and digital signing of final certificate and moving for distribution in front office