I made Yeshasvini card in the year 2017, for my heart operation. Now i have problem in the eyes ,so i went to Narayana an Netralaya ,they checked my eyes and told that i should be operated as i have cataract. Cost of the ooperation ranges from 15,000/- to 1,00,000/-, thats why i want to make renewal of Yeshavini card now. How to renew Yeshavini card ?

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Answered on August 19,2019

Yeshasvini Scheme is now converted to Arogya Karnataka Scheme. So now, you need to register for Arogya Karnataka scheme.

The following one-time enrollment process should be followed for enrolling beneficiaries in the Arogya Karnataka scheme at the Public Health Institute/Private Empanelled Hospital/Enrollment Centers.

  • When a patient approaches a Public Health Institute for the treatment, the enrollment staff of the public health institute will be enrolling the patient on the enrollment portal developed for “Arogya Karnataka”.

  • As a first step, the beneficiary will be asked to provide his or her Aadhar Card number and his biometric impression on a biometric device. The captured biometric data will then be used for verification. In case there is a failure in reading the bio metric impression of the beneficiary wishing to enrol, other options such as “OTP”, capturing data from the QR code and getting data from the Food Department’s database are provided.

  • At the same time, the beneficiary should also produce his Ration card to the enrollment staff. The Ration card details will then be verified, via a web service, with the stored Ration card details in the Food and Civil Service Database to determine whether the beneficiary belongs to “Eligible Category” or not, as per the norms defined under the National Food Security Act 2013. Accordingly, he will be categorized as ‘Eligible Patient”. If a beneficiary is not from the “Eligible category” as per the FSA or if the beneficiary does not have a Ration card, he or she will be automatically enrolled as a “General Patient”.

Hospital List

List of Hospitals which provides services under Arogya Karnataka scheme is provided below.

Arogya Karnataka Website

Arogya Karnataka Hospital List Phase 1

Arogya Karnataka Hospital List Phase 2

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