I am from Mumbai and got transferred to Bangalore. I need to bring my car to Bangalore. What forms are required for re-registration of my car in Bangalore?

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Answered on May 20,2018

Following forms are required for re-registration of your car in Bangalore.

  1. FORM 28
    Before you bring your car to Bangalore, NOC from parent RTO is required to be obtained. No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the original Registered Transport Office in Form 28 is to be taken. This form is to request parent RTO for NOC. 
  1. FORM KMV- T – 14
    This form is required for Life Time Tax (LTT) calculation. The Original Invoice and NOC should be accompanied with this. 
  1. Form KMV 27
    This form is required for informing RTO about migration of your vehicle to Karnataka. 
  1. Form CMV 33
    This form is required for informing RTO about change of address of your vehicle.
  1. Form CMV 27
    This form is required for obtaining the Karnataka Registration mark.
  2. State Crime Record Bureau (SCRB) report – can be obtained from 7th Floor, MS Building, KR Circle and costs about Rs 20
  3. RC book
  4. Tax card with proof of payment of tax
  5. Vehicle Insurance Certificate
  6. Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate
  7. Consent of financier (if applicable)
  8. Fitness Certificate and permit in case of transport vehicle
  9. Purchase invoice (for RTO to arrive at tax amount)
  10. Three passport size photographs
  11. ID Proof of applicant (Pan card/Voter ID card/Passport ID/Ration card)
  12. Present Address Proof (Rental agreement, Employee contract letter)
  13. Electricity or telephone bill of local premises
  14. Self addressed postal envelope with adequate stampage (for RTO to mail documents)
  15. Form KMV 14  –This form is required for payment of tax. If tax is less than INR 3000, payment can be made over the counter. If tax is more than INR 3000, a demand draft for the tax amount needs to be paid in favor of RTO.

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