How to download digitally signed Encumbrance Certificate (EC) from Kaveri Online Services?

The abbreviation of EC is Encumbrance Certificate. The Encumbrance certificate tracks the history of property transactions, its a important document for title verification


Follow the below procedure to download EC from Kaveri Online Services

Open the Kaveri Online Services website, here is the link

The home page looks like below

To search and download EC on Kaveri Online Services, we must register

Click on the “Register”. Refer below image to locate registration menu

Below is the registration page that you provide your name, address, mobile number and email id.

Password comes to your email, below is the image of password that I receive to my email

Your email ID is your username. Login using your username, password and OTP authentication. the login page looks like below image

Click on Start a New Application. Refer to arrow mark in below image

Click on ENCUMBERANCE CERTIFICATE -(ONLINE EC). Refer to arrow mark in below image

Read the Prerequisite for EC and click on Continue. Refer to below image

We can search the EC either by Property Number or Party Name (Seller/Purchaser/claimant). Refer to arrow marks in below image

I don’t know the property number but I know the seller name and location of property so selected the option Search by Party Name (Seller/Purchaser/claimant). Refer to below image

Entered the information of property location and party name

  • DISTRICT : Shivajinagar

(Under Stamp & Registration, Bengaluru Urban has five District Jurisdictions, they are Shivajinagar, Gandhinagar, Rajajinagar, Jayanagar and Basavanagudi

For Bengaluru Rural, select Bengaluru Rural. For other places select the name of your district from dropdown)

  • TALUKA: Krishnarajapuram
  • HOBLI/TOWN : Krishnarajapuram
  • INDEX II: VILLAGE: Pattanduru Agrahara
  • First Name: Satish XYZ (enter seller or buyer name)
  • PERIOD OF EC SEARCH: Selected the earlier date that 1/4/2003 to latest date 16/6/2023

Refer to below filled image

Click on Search. Refer to arrow mark in below image

The search result displays below, refer to below image