How to claim life insurance cover of INR 30000 from Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana account ?

Raj Raj
Answered on March 23,2019

The Death claim benefit of Rs. 30000/- will be settled by the designated Pension & Group Scheme (P&GS) Office of LIC. The process followed will be as under:

  • Claim papers as per Annexure B (LIC’s Claim form-cum-discharge receipt) will be submitted by the District Branch / Nodal Branch of the concerned Bank to the nearest Pension & Group Scheme Unit (P&GS unit) of LIC designated for this purpose for processing of Claims. A list of the P&GS Units is enclosed as Annexure D (List of P&GS Units for submission of Claim Forms).
  • The Claim will be paid to the nominee who is the nominee in the Bank Account. In the absence of nomination or if the nominee pre-deceases the insured member or if the nominee is not spouse, child or parent then the Legal Heirs of the Accountholder should submit Indemnity Bond to dispense with Legal Evidence of Title in the prescribed Format of LIC (Given in Annexures C1 (Form of application to dispense with Legal Evidence of Title) and C2(LIC Format of Indemnity Bond to dispense with Legal Evidence of Title)).
  • The Claim amount will be credited to Bank account of the nominee(s) / Legal Heirs through APBS i.e. the amount will be credited to Account linked to Aadhar Card Number.
  • In case where the claim form is directly submitted to any LIC office by the claimant, then LIC office would forward the same to the concerned bank of the deceased Account holder immediately to get necessary verification etc. done from the bank concerned. The concerned Bank Branch will forward the Claim Form to nearest P&GS unit of the LIC for processing the claim
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