How to apply for Mudra loan ?

Jade Jade
Answered on March 25,2019

Follow the below steps to apply for Mudra Loan

  • Borrower must prepare a business plan and required documents as per the checklist.
  • Borrower can approach one or more of the Banks or Financial Institution offering Mudra loan
  • Bank or Financial Institution will process the Mudra loan application as per their terms and conditions
  • If the loan application is acceptable, the bank will sanction the loan and provide a Mudra card

Varun Varun
Answered on March 25,2019

Follow the below steps to get Mudra loan.

  • Applicant should approach any of those banks that are listed by scheme as loan providers
  • Complete business details should be provided to the bank.
  • Bank will categorise your requirement in to any of the 3 schemes

  • Then a form for loan has to be filled along with current account opening in the Bank.

You can get the application form for the Mudra loan from here.

Jacob Jacob
Answered on March 25,2019

Loan Application Process

  • Applicant has to identify his/her nearest bank offering the Mudra loan
  • Visit personally with a business plan
  • Identity proof, address proof and passport photographs
  • Bank will review, business plan and need
  • If approved, bank will sanction the loan
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