How much would be my appox road tax in Pune for 5 years old Karnataka registered car with 3.5 lakh IDV value ?

Sohan Sohan
Answered on September 13,2019

IDV value is not used to calculate the road tax. Invoice Amount of vehicle is used to calculate the road tax. I will take a guess on the road tax, but it might not be correct.
In Maharashtra, Petrol cars have 11-13% road tax and diesel cars have 13-15% road tax. I am assuming a road tax of 13% and depreciation of 30% on the price of vehicle as it is 5 years old. So, for a vehicle of 1 lakh, road tax will be 1 * (1-30%) * 13% = 9100 + taxes

It might be lesser than this as well. Please check with an agent as well.


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