How do I register a WILL online in Bangalore?

WILL registration ensures that testator’s assets are distributed according to testator's wish after the demise.


Documents required:

  • WILL Draft
  • Testator ID proof


For WILL registration in Bangalore, we have to visit the Kaveri Online Services which is the official web portal for registration of WILL. Here is the portal link

Log into Kaveri Online Services using your username and password. (If don’t have username and password, create an account instantly and log in)

Refer to the login page in below image (refer to arrow marks)

Click on Start a New Application, Refer to the below image

Click on DOCUMENT REGISTRATION. Refer to below image

Click on Continue in Prerequisite for Document Registration. Refer to below image

In Article and Sub Article: Select the following options from dropdown list and click on Continue


Refer to below image


In Type of Document, click on WILL. Refer to the below image


Enter details of the Testator, including name, contact number, Relative’s name. Age, Gender, ID proof and address. Refer to below filled details

Click on “Save Executant -1” and Click on “Move to PRESENTER”. Refer to below image


Presenter is the person who presents the documents in sub-registrar office for registration. In our case, the presenter is Testator

In Choose Presenter, select the testator name in dropdown list and click on “Make Presenter”. Refer to below image


In IDENTIFIER 1, Enter the details of the Witness. The details include name, Age, Gender, Relative’s name and address, Refer to the below filled image

In IDENTIFIES, Select the Testator from dropdown list and click on “Save IDENTIFIER -1 AND Go To Next”. Refer to below image

In IDENTIFIER -2, Enter the details of another witness. The details include name, Age, Gender, Relative’s Name and address. Refer to the below image

In IDENTIFIES, again select the Testator from dropdown list and click on “Save and Continue”. Refer to below image


WILL registration does not require Market Value calculation, therefore click on Continue to next step. Refer to below image


My WILL draft consists of 6 pages. Entered 6 in number of pages and click on Calculate. Refer to below image


The government fee for WILL registration is as follows:

  • Stamp Duty Rs. 0 (Stamp Duty not applicable for WILL)
  • Registration Fee: Rs. 400
  • Scanning Fee: Rs. 315 (for 6 pages)

The total government fee is Rs. 715

Refer to below calculation and Click on Save and Continue


Before we submit the application for sub-registrar office approval, review the data for any corrections.

Refer to below summary report, it's around 3–4 pages. Sharing the image of 1st page for your reference

Scroll down and at the bottom of page:

  • Upload Deed Document: Upload the WILL in PDF format
  • Date of Execution: Select the date of WILL execution
  • Upload Annexures: Upload the Testator’s ID proof (preferably aadhaar and PAN)
  • Select Sub-Registrar Office: Select the nearest and most convenient sub-registrar office for you. We can register the WILL in any sub-registrar office.

Refer to below image

In Declaration: accept the terms & Condition and click on “Agree and Submit”. Refer to below image


In most cases, WILL applications be approved within couple of hours of submission. You don’t need to follow-up for approval with sub-registrar office.

In case the application is not approved, you can directly walk into sub-registrar office, get the approval, book the slot and register the WILL at same time (although you get the booking slot tomorrow, you can register today immediately after the slot booking)

I got my WILL application approval within 30 minutes of submission online. Paid the government fee of Rs.715 through UPI and booked the slot.

I printed the WILL draft on document paper, walked into the sub-registrar office and registered my WILL in 30 minutes,

Refer to the below registered WILL