How can you see if a bank account is a business bank account in Dubai?

There is little process for knowing about your bank account details in Dubai. To determine if a bank account in Dubai is a business account, you can take the following steps: 

1. Check account type: Most banks in Dubai clearly mention the kind of account on account statements, passbooks, or online banking portals. If it is a business account, it will usually be labeled as such.

2. Look for company details: Business bank accounts in Dubai are typically registered under the company name, rather than an individual's name. You can check the account details to see if it has the name of a business entity listed.

3. Verify with the bank: If you're still unsure, you can contact the bank directly and ask about the nature of the account. The bank should be able to provide information about the account type and its registered entity.

By following these steps, you can quickly determine if a bank account in Dubai is a business account or a personal account.

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