How to get business loan for new company in Dubai?

Getting instant approval from the lending institution can be a bit of a challenge unless you meet most of the crucial eligibility criteria. Banks in Dubai are quite particular about accepting a loan application, with a major focus on previous financial history and availability of funds.

Here are some of the basic criteria for applicants;

  • Being at least 21 years of age.

  • The business should have been operating for at least a year — this is because a time period less than that would not provide substantial proof of profit and loss statements to make sure that the business has enough liquidity to pay upcoming instalments.

  • Have a proper corporate bank account.

  • Effective presentation of bank account statements for the past 6 to 12 months.

  • Although it varies from bank to bank, the yearly sales revenue should amount to at least AED 1 million to receive the loan.

  • If your company is set up as a subsidiary or an offshore branch company, obtaining a business loan may be easier due to the diversity of operations and the need for larger funds.

Requirements for Business Loan Applications in UAE – Documents Required

There’s an extensive documentation process that you need to carefully follow to get approval from the bank you desire. You have to obtain the relevant business license and collate the needed paperwork to be accepted.

A general trade license is vital to operate your business in the UAE. At Meydan Free Zone, you can access a wide range of business licenses that suit various business activities, at some of the most affordable bundle costs.

Here’s a list of the documents you need to prepare;

  • Trade License

  • Bank application

  • Passport copy of loan applicant

  • Bank statements from the past 6 to 12 months

  • Copy or original of Articles of Association

  • Copy or original of Power of Attorney

  • Copy or original of Memorandum of Association.

  • Home residence tenancy agreement.

  • Audit reports.

  • List of employees from the Ministry Of Labour.

  • VAT certificate copy

Things to Know Before You Apply for a Loan in UAE

Before you apply for a loan in the UAE, there are some pointers regarding finance procedures you need to have adequate knowledge on. This can help you improve your eligibility score and meet other requirements.

  • Educate Yourself on Islamic Finance

    As mentioned earlier, it’s important to distinguish between traditional and Islamic finance so that whatever business transactions and credit you take adhere to the regulatory environment of Dubai. A vital point to note if you choose to pursue an Islamic loan is that paying interest is prohibited in Islamic Law. Instead, both parties trading need to share equal amounts of profits and losses instead of paying interest.

  • Credit Score and Debt

    The ability to pay the installments for the loan is assessed carefully by Emirate banks. The first step you could take is to make sure your credit score remains moderate, preferably at a score around 700-750 which would result in the loan getting approved quickly. Also, sort out previous debts like credit card bills and overdrafts to increase your creditworthiness.

    It’s also best to avoid taking several loans in the same time period to prevent Emirate banks from speculating on your ability to repay.

  • Repayment Period

    It’s always better to opt for loans with longer repayment periods so that the ease of doing business is higher. The instalments you have to pay will also be spread out over a longer time period, hence, reducing your business costs and improving your profitability in the long run.

Why Meydan Free Zone?

Meydan Free Zone is located in the very heart of Dubai, burrowed in the midst of skyscrapers that give structure to the visually-abundant skyline. With gorgeous views, luxurious hoteliers, and transport links to seaports and airports—Meydan Free Zone is a hub that excites up-and-coming start-up entrepreneurs that have goals to accomplish.

Meydan Free Zone Dubai

It’s no doubt that every business requires a boost when it comes to achieving financial success, which is the centre point of all business decisions and future planning. Having tight security when it comes to your business’s financial health is quite important because it affects your operational risks, financial risks, marketing objectives and human resource planning. With Meydan’s attentive assistance and availability of business licenses, obtaining the desired loan amount for the prospects of your entrepreneurial goals will be an easier task.

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