How can I get a domicile certificate in Kolkata?

Naushad Naushad
Answered on September 01,2019

Follow the below steps to apply online for domicile certificate in Kolkata.

  • Login to West Bengal eDistrict portal. After logging to West Bengal eDistrict portal, the Home page appears. It shows the comprehensive list of services under West Bengal eDistrict. The list includes service name and tentative time line to avail the service. The home page contains several panels showing the number of applications for each module of service, such as- Social Welfare Scheme, Registration of Societies, Land Records and Revenue Court Services, Services of Labour Department, Certificates and Licenses.

  • Click on ‘Local Residence (Domicile) Certificate’ available under the column ‘District.

domicile certificate west bengal online

  •  ‘Instructions and Requirements of Domicile Certificate’ page opens up. Click on "Apply".

  • Fill up the Applicant's required details such as basic information of the applicant,present address, education details, parent or husband details, particulars of stay for last 15 years etc.

domicile certificate west bengal application form online

  • After the applicant fills up the application form, click on Save & Next button. Application details will become visible.

  • The applicant can either proceed further by attaching supporting documents, or can cancel it, or might take a print out of this page.

domicile certificate west bengal online supporting documents

  • The applicant can view the application details and supporting document list before the submission of the application form for Domicile Certificate.

domicile certificate west bengal online form

  • Click on "Submit" to submit the application.

  • When the application is successfully submitted, the applicant receives an acknowledgment. This contains the application summary and the contact details of the person to be contacted with for further queries.

Abhishek Abhishek
Answered on September 01,2019

You can check this link for getting domicile certificate in West Bengal.

How to get Domicile/Residence Certificate in West Bengal
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