How can I change the RPO selected by me at the time of Passport registration ?

Amit Sangewar Amit Sangewar
Answered on September 06,2023

You can change the RPO.


Consider your current RPO is Pune.


1) Click on Apply For Fresh Passport / Re-issue of Passport.


2) Click on (Click here to fill the application form)


3) Select the State & District you wish to change. (Ex. State : Maharashtra, District : Mumbai, So your new RPO will be Mumbai)


4) Once you select State & District in step four you wil get bellow message.


You have registered under Passport Office RPO Pune. However, the State and District entered above lie in the jurisdiction of RPO Mumbai.Please confirm which RPOs Application Submission Centre do you want to visit for submission of your application.


5) Click on Mumbai & Submit.


6) Seva Kendra Portal will ask you to Re-Login.


7) Now check your Updated RPO in Modify Profile Section.



Amit Sangewar

Akhil Akhil
Answered on February 11,2019

You cannot change the RPO selected by you at the time of registration.You have to visit the same passport service kendra for this as well as future applications submitted by you.

If you want to change the RPO, register with a new email id and select the RPO of your choice.
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