Do I need PRC for EWS Certificate in case I am not applying for state quota in Assam? I need EWS category to apply for GATE exam and NET exam in my discipline Geology (earth science)which doesn't come under state quota.

Himanta Himanta
Answered on September 14,2019

For availing EWS certificate, you need to provide your present residential proof. It can be any of this document and not necessarily a PRC.

  • Ration card
  • Domicile certificate
  • Voter Id card
  • Electricity Bill/MTNL telephone bill/Water bill.
  • Unique Identity Card (Aadhar) issued by Govt. of India
  • Passport

You can submit any of these as present residential proof. However, if the issuing authority in your area requests you specifically for PRC certificate you need to provide it. This is because EWS reservation is a new reservation and as per the guidelines the Officers are requested to issue the certificate after carefully verifying all relevant documents following due process as prescribed by the respective State/UT. Concerned officer will also do an inquiry of your income and asset before providing the EWS certificate.

Praveen Praveen
Answered on September 14,2019

Guidelines issued by the Government of Assam for EWS certificate doesn't mention anything about documents required for applying for EWS certificate. However, guidelines issued by the neighboring states of Assam such as West Bengal mention the requirement of Residential Certificate. So it might be true for Assam as well.

Swapnadeep Swapnadeep
Answered on September 14,2019

In the light of NRC being implemented in Assam, officials can request you to submit a PRC certificate.
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