Do I need anything in written format from Bihar RTO to get the existing NOC canceled and get a new NOC from Bangalore RTO? Is there any such rule? Or should I simply take the expired NOC and Form 28 to Bangalore RTO and get a new one Issued? Some people are saying there is no need to get anything written from Bihar RTO since they do not have any records of my car.

Gautham Gautham
Answered on February 04,2020

When you get NOC issued from Bangalore RTO, as per them, the vehicle doesn't belong to that RTO anymore.

Since you have not utilized your NOC and it got expired, it means that you have not registered it in Bihar as well.

But if you take expired NOC back to Bangalore RTO, there are 2 scenarios.

  1. They might issue a new NOC. This is highly unlike as per me.
  2. They might ask you to get the expired NOC cancelled and apply for new one. For getting the NOC cancelled, you need to get a Non-Utilization Certificate from RTO in Bihar.Non utilization certificate is an official statement from the RTO stating that your vehicle is not re-registered in that state.

Documents required for the same are listed below.

  • A letter requesting Non-utilization certificate
  • Original RC book
  • Valid Insurance copy
  • PUC certificate copy
  • An affidavit stating that you have not registered vehicle in new state and no illegal work was done using that vehicle
  • Police verification certificate from the police commissioner office of the migrated state
  • Original NOC documents
  • ID proof

Karthik Karthik
Answered on February 04,2020

You can check with any of the RTO agents in Bangalore for the same.

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