Can I get the application submitted to get BMTC Bus pass as I need to verify the route details provided in the smart card?

Gautham Gautham
Answered on January 28,2020

You cannot check the details online. You have to check it up with the school or BMTC authorities to get the data.

Raju Raju
Answered on January 28,2020

Enter your BMTC registration number in the below link and check whether the route details are popping up in To and Fro section.

Student Pass Renewal Link

If it is not coming up, then you cannot check it online.

When you are applying for Bus pass renewal, you have to visit the issuance counter to update the validity date, route details, etc. on the same card for the current academic year.At that time, you can ask the person at the issuance counter about earlier route details. Sometimes, they might be able to help you.