Will Itzeazy survive after digitisation of citizen services?

Here are the few important statistics :

  1. Literacy rate in India is 75% ( A person who can read and write is considered literate ) . So the actual literacy rate in much below this rate
  2. Digital literacy rate is 10%
  3. As per NSS data - Only 23% households in urban area have computers, while in rural area its 4% only

So the digitisation of citizen services in a country like India could be useful for not more than 10% of the population, which is English speaking tech savvy. For rest of the population process has become even more difficult.  

Earlier people had atleast option of visiting Govt. offices and get the work done. But they are on the mercy of cyber cafes & CSCs.  

If someone has tried taking appointment for inquiry in the passport office , they know how difficult its to get . So if passport application gets stuck , its helpless situation unless you have jack.

So Itzeazy has become more and more relevant here as people dont have time these days to visit multiple time. Unlike in the older days where there were father , brothers , uncles to get the work done now singles or the working couples dont have time to follow up the Govt office . Here Itzeazy comes as best alternative .

Also most of the time work gets stuck due to improper document . The agency like Itzeazy are expert in documentation and ensures that application gets through without any hitch.

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