What is the difference between a Professional and Commercial Licence in Dubai?

There are significant differences between professional and commercial licences which are the most sought out business licences in Dubai. Here are some of the focal points you should be aware of to note the difference between commercial and professional licence in Dubai.


With a professional licence, you are required to possess a unique skill set that can be employed in services like consultancy, artisanship, medical services and more. It covers any business activity that involves the provision of a service or advice. You are able to make use of appropriate knowledge and expertise in order to ensure quality and boost business performance.

As for a commercial licence, trade is the centre point of the activities you undertake. Any good or service that’s tangible can be included under a commercial licence. You can access activities like supplying vehicle parts, renting houses, software trading, and development.



Professional licence holders can have 100% ownership whilst inheriting all shares of the business. On the other hand, an investor holding a commercial licence can own 49% of shares and the remaining 51% will be owned by a local agent in the UAE mainland. Although, if you decide to set up your business in a free zone area like Meydan, receiving 100% ownership of the business would not be a problem.


Ownership Liability

The liabilities of companies that hold commercial and professional licences have certain distinctions. For instance, a professional licence holder has unlimited liability unless it’s decided that the company wants to be deemed as a limited liability company. On the contrary, a company that has a commercial licence will always hold limited liability.


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