What is a Patent Search?

Raji Raji
Answered on December 09,2017

A patent search is a search conducted in patent databases as well as in the literature available to check whether any invention similar to your invention already exists. In other words, it evaluates your chances of getting a patent grant. Patent search is done to find out whether a particular invention is patentable or not. In this search, study is done to check whether or not a particular invention meets all three criterias of patentability i.e. novelty, non-obviousness and industrial applicability. Considering the costs involved in the patent registration, getting this search done from professional patent consultants who use paid and non-paid databases, search patent and non-patent literature from all over the world can save lot of cost, if invention turns out to be non patentable during the search. Therefore, instead of going forth with the filing, if one conducts the patent search, one can get a clear idea about the patentability of the invention; whether the application should be filed and the strengths and weakness of the invention. 

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