What are the various forms required for registering, renewing , opposing trademarks ?

Mathews Mathews
Answered on February 09,2018

Following are the forms required for trademark registration, renewal, opposition, cancellation etc.

  • For filing new applications there are prescribed forms depending on the nature of application such as Form TM-1, TM-2, TM-3, TM-8, TM-51 etc.
  • For Renewal of a Regd. trademark (Form TM-12 ).
  • Surcharge for belated renewal (Form -10)
  • To file a Notice of Opposition to oppose an application published in the Trade Marks Journal (FormTM-5).
  • Restoration of removed mark (Form TM-13)
  • Application for rectification of a registered trade mark (Form TM-26)
  • Official search request (Form TM-54).
  • Preliminary advise of the Registrar as to the registrability of a mark (Form TM-55).
  • Copyright search request and issuance of certificate (Form TM-60)

All the forms and fee required for them is available here.


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