I am planning to buy a used bike but it has no insurance. Can i apply for insurance on my name directly or the person who is selling the bike should renew the insurance and then transfer the insurance to me? What is the procedure if i buy a bike which insurance is due?

Jacob Jacob
Answered on July 29,2019

For ownership transfer, Insurance copy is required.So you can take it in the owners name and then once the bike is transferred to your name, insurance can be transferred to your name as well.

Always remember the insurance is in the name of the vehicle and not in the name of the owner, so even if the registered owner in the RC is you, the insurance with the previous owner's name is valid.

Steps involved are the following.

  1. Get Insurance Coverage.

  2. Transfer the bike to your name.

  3. Transfer the insurance. 

1. Get Insurance Coverage

Connect with any insurance provider to get insurance for the bike. For comprehensive insurance, the insurance company insists on physical verification of the vehicle before reinstating an expired policy. Insurance providers like New India Assurance and United India insist physical verification whereas other private insurance companies provide 3rd party insurance without physical verification.

2. Transfer the bike to your name

a. Obtain NOC from RTO where vehicle is registered

Every state has multiple RTOs. If you sell your vehicle outside the jurisdiction of RTO where it is registered, but within the state itself, then you need to obtain No Objection Certificate (NOC)/ Clearance Certificate (CC) from the RTO where your vehicle is registered. You need to submit the following documents to obtain the NOC/CC.

  • Clearance certificate request letter

  • Original RC book

  • Insurance copy

  • Copy of Pollution Under Control Certificate

  • Self-addressed clothed envelope with Rs.30 worth of stamps affixed on it for speed post

NOC application is free of charge. You will receive NOC/CC along with the updated RC book in speed post within 3–4 weeks.

b. Apply for Ownership Transfer at new RTO

Once you have obtained NOC, apply for ownership transfer at new RTO using the following documents.

  • Form No. CMV 29 (Notice Of Transfer Of Ownership Of A Motor Vehicle) in duplicate

  • If the vehicle is covered under Hypothecation/HPA/Lease, Form no. CMV 30(Application for Intimation and Transfer of Ownership of a motor vehicle) shall be produced in duplicate with the consent of financier.

  • Original RC book

  • Insurance copy

  • Copy of Pollution Under Control Certificate

  • Copy of address proof

  • Copy of PAN card

  • One passport size photograph of the person who buys the vehicle

  • Self-addressed clothed envelope with Rs.30 worth of stamps affixed on it for speed post.

3. Transfer the insurance

  • The owner should apply for the insurance transfer with the insurance company within 15 days from the date of bike ownership transfer.

  • Carry the necessary documents like Registration Certificate, the date of ownership transfer, details of original insurance policy, vehicle details, dealer’s name and the premiums paid.

  • Along with the personal details of the owner, the buyer should also submit his/her personal ID, like PAN card or AADHAR, Driver’s License, etc. for the record of the insurance transfer.

  • Once the insurer verifies all the document, the name in the policy will be changed to the buyer’s name with necessary changes.

Guna Guna
Answered on July 29,2019

You will need insurance to change ownership, take an insurance in current owners name and do the transfer. Later on, transfer the insurance to your name after the registration name change.

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