How to transfer Vehicle Insurance from one vehicle to another ?

Kevin Kevin
Answered on December 27,2017

1. As soon as you purchase a used car, you must ensure that the insurance policy is transferred in the name of the new owner within 14 days.

2. To facilitate policy transfer and to ensure that the entire process is completed with ease, you need to fill a fresh proposal form and submit the evidence of sale— transfer of registration certificate, forms 29 and 30 duly signed by the previous owner along with the transfer fee and previous policy copy—to the insurance company. The insurance company shall then pass the endorsement of transfer.

3. The change of ownership in the registration certificate may take some time at the regional transport office ( RTO). However, to transfer policy to your name, the documents as listed above are sufficient to initiate the endorsement. Submitting a copy of new registration certificate after it is issued by RTO will help in avoiding any glitches at the time of claim.

4. In case your insurance policy has been transferred but the transfer in the registration certificate copy is not made or the proof of same is not submitted to the insurance company, then in the event of a claim, you will have to furnish the proof of transfer of registration certificate to the insurance company to ensure your claim is settled.

5. If the transfer is still in process, the claim will not be repudiated. However, it will be paid after the proof of transfer in registration certificate has been submitted to the insurance company.

Travis Travis
Answered on December 27,2017

To begin with, you need to ensure that the motor insurance policy gets transferred to your name within 14 days of purchase.  You need to submit forms 29 and 30 that bears the sign of the previous owner to the car insurance company. A copy of the car policy has to be submitted along with the transfer fee and transfer of registration certificate.  All these have to be submitted as a proof of sale with a new proposal form. Next, from the claims perspective, the registration certificate is very crucial. You can submit this certificate along with other claim documents to ensure a smooth settlement. In case the transfer process is still in progress, you would need to produce appropriate evidence of the same to the car insurance company.
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